invite your dream villager to your island!

Use our custom Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards & Coins to get all your favorite villagers on Animal Crossing New Horizons Island. Invite any Animal Crossing villager!

❤  We have Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards for villagers from Series 1-400 and Welcome Amiibo series 1-50, so if you cannot see your villager listed please message us. ❤

 Note: The following villagers do not currently have official Amiibos, and thus cannot be ordered: Raymond, Audie, Judy, Dom, Sherb, Reneigh, Megan and Cyd. 
❤  Our custom Animal Crossing Amiibo cards and coins function just like official Nintendo Amiibo cards, and can be scanned into Animal Crossing New Leaf (3DS) and Animal Crossing New Horizons (Nintendo Switch/lite) to invite villagers to live on your island! You can also scan them to invite any villager to Harvey’s island and obtain their exclusive posters.

When you have unlocked the campsite – head over to the townhall, there you can access the Nook Stop terminal. Navigate down to the ‘Invite amiibo camper’ option — you’ll be presented with the option to scan the Amiibo coin/card. 

The villagers you invite via amiibo won’t join your island straight away — instead, they’ll have special DIY requests for you to fulfil.
Go to your campsite and talk to them until they ask you to craft an item.
Repeat the steps each day for two more days. On the third day, the villager will ask to move onto your island!

Remember that you can only have 10 villagers on your island at any one time – if you already have 10 villagers, you can replace an existing villager with your new friend.