About Us

With over 800+ 100% positive reviews on our ebay, you can trust that our Amiibos and accessories are great quality and work! Use the code Amiibocrossing2020 on this website to get 10% off. 

We create Amiibo coins, Amiibo cards, Amiibo key chains and more that you can use to get any villager you want on Animal Crossing New Horizons and New Leaf and kick out anyone you want! With our custom Amiibo cards and coins you can now choose your favourite and desired villagers to live on your island with little effort. 

Trying to kick unwanted villagers out of your island can be time-consuming and seem impossible. Spending hundreds of nook mile tickets to get your favorite villager is also tiring! Use our Amiibos to make things so much better and fun ~ 

We test each Amiibo before sending – loving animal crossing and sharing the joy! We ship WORLDWIDE

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