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Octopus Villagers Marina Zucker Octavian Amiibo coins


How do you get all the octopus villagers onto your Animal Crossing New Horizons island? Using these Marina Amiibo coins, Octavian, Zucker Amiibo coins you can have the rarest species Octopus on your Animal Crossing New Horizons Island!
Octavian is a cranky villager with a sweet heart, Marina has a friendly normal personality and Zucker represents Takoyaki and has a lazy personality! Learn more about them here
❤ Invite your dreamie Octopus Villagers to your Animal Crossing island!
❤  Our Marina, Octavian and Zucker Amiibo coins function just like official Nintendo Amiibo cards, and can be scanned into Animal Crossing New Leaf (3DS) and Animal Crossing New Horizons (Nintendo Switch) to invite villagers! You can also scan them to invite any villager to Harvey’s island and obtain their exclusive posters.
❤ The coins contains a pre-programmed NFC chip in a sturdy plastic container that measures 27 mm in diameter.
❤  We test all the coins to make sure they work before we ship to you!
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Octopus Animal crossing- Zucker, Octavian and Marina Amiibos

Learn more about them here. 

❤  Use our Marina Amiibo, Zucker Amiibo and Octavian Amiibo coins. Invite Marina, Zucker and/or Octavian the octopus species villagers to your Animal Crossing Island. 
1. After the Campsite is unlocked, head to the Town Hall and access the Nook Stop terminal. Then navigate down to the ‘Invite amiibo camper’ option. You will then be presented with the option to scan the Marina, Zucker/Octavian Amiibo coin.
2. Hold the Marina, Zucker/Octavian Amiibo coin up to the NFC touchpoint (the right Joy-Con stick).
3. Marina, Zucker/Octavian won’t join your island straight away. Instead, they’ll have special DIY requests for you to fulfil.
Go to your campsite and talk to them until they ask you to craft an item.
4. You will need to repeat steps 1-3 for two more days. On the third day, Marina, Zucker/Octavian will ask to move onto your island.
 If you do not have an empty slot on your island (each island has a max of 10 villagers), you can get rid of an existing villager by replacing them with Marina, Zucker/Octavian!
❤ Disclaimer: These Amiibo coins are not officially licensed by Nintendo. Any intellectual property, copyrights, trademarks and likeness to Animal Crossing characters are strictly property of Nintendo.

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Marina, Zucker, Octavian

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  1. pnww3

    These work perfectly!!!! The seller refunded me some money when I bought all three

  2. Feli

    Thank you !!! They work perfectly

  3. Lily

    I love these so much , I have all the octopus villagers and they are my favorites species. Prompt reply to emails

  4. Johnpaul

    Fantastic , seller refunded me for discount

  5. Marie

    Amazing coins !!!!! I use them as collectables after getting the villagers

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